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Help!!! why cant I SVN sparkWeb to my localdisk??

Question asked by justatr on Oct 11, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2008 by justatr

i use sliksvn


when i run


"svn export d:\sparkweb"

(or i should use svn co??  but neither couldnt work )


it replied me with an error , i translated into English   like below




Generally, it means


Now Fetching the external/outer project to "D\sparkweb\xiff"

error occured when verifying server certification ""

- This certification is not issued by authorized orgnizations. pls ur fingerprint to verify it is validity

Certification Info:

- host name: *ig...

- valid time: from Thu, 25 Jan ......

- issuer: ignite realtime, jive soft.....


(R)reject (t) temporary or (p)  svn method Options failed ''”:

Server to certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted (“


what should i do now?????????????????????????????????



thanks very much...