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Customising Red5 plugin

Question asked by hollywood69 on Oct 7, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2008 by Dele Olajide

I want to make a few cosmetic alterations to the Red5 plugin for Spark (for example change some menu names, change the little image file etc). For the rest of Spark I've done this by simply editing the relevant .java files in Netbeans, replace some images, clean and build - all done. Loads of advice on these forums about it which has all been very useful.


However this approach doesn't seem to work for the Red5 plugin - if I go into the .jar file in Netbeans and have a poke about, the .java files are read-only. I can extract the files from disk, open them in Notepad++ and make changes ok, but even after copying the files back into the .jar, clean and build in Netbeans, none of my changes are visible. I'm not a programmer and really know nothing about Java, but a colleague of mine suggested that I needed to maybe recompile the .java files, which would update the .class files and all would then work fine. Is he on the right track here? Dele, maybe you could shed some light as to how I should go about this?


Thanks, Nick