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No call feature in red5 plugin of spark

Question asked by pranabs on Oct 7, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2008 by Dele Olajide

Dear All,

I am using Openfire 3.6.0 in Windows 2003 sand installed Red5 Plugin version 0.0.28. The http binding port is 8080.I can see the

http://server_name:8080/red5/red5.html page and using that page we can do voice and video chat using

2Way audio/video

You can test the 2way audio/video application from here,

First person (160x120), click here
Second person (320x240), click here.

It is working fine.


Also the web messenger is also working.


I can make red5 calls using web mssenger.


But the problem i am facing that, I could not find the call option in spark red5 plugin.

I have downloaded the red5 plugin red5-plugin.jar file from the location Openfire_Home\plugins\red5\spark

All the other options of red5 spark plugin

  1. Open Audio/Video Roster
  2. View Audio/Video Messages
  3. Publish Desktop Screen

are available under Red5 menu, but the call option is not available.


If I right click a user also, all the other Red5 options come except the call option.


I am using spark 2.5.8 in windows XP. I have attached the red5-plugin.jar file.


Please help me to resolve the problem.



Pranab S.