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SparkWeb never works for me, even the demo page running on ...

Question asked by justatr on Oct 6, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2008 by justatr

Firstly, I tried my gmail and  accounts at the demo page offered here

but no resonse.   and when i tried my id '' here, it replies my an alert 'problem authenticating with the server  or you are not authorized to perform this operation'




I thought i might be 'account problems'

so i downloaded SparkWeb, and there is a running apache tomcat server in my laptop with openfire working well too.

this time i tied, through spark cilent, with admin account and password, i login in successfully.


then i tried http://localhost:8080/sparkweb.html   using the same account and pass, but just gave me a loading flash then returned me to the prevous login page ...





anyone can tell me what my problem is? im sure my server services are working great, other jsp/html applications run here.

also my openfire service is working, i can try it anytime with spark cilent...





many many many thx!