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Spark web with https and self-signed openfire certificates

Question asked by snow on Sep 29, 2008

I can not login with SparkWeb 0.9.0 to Openfire 3.6.0/Openfire 3.6.0a using https.


SparkWeb works well with HTTP, but with HTTPS it freezes after I press "login". Openfire debug/warning/error log is empty, debug log is enabled, in Wireshark it is obvious that SparkWeb and the server have exchanged a few data packets so a connection was established, and here are the settings that I am using in SparkWeb:


function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()
    return {
        server: "djcfwf3j",
        connectionType: "https",
        port: "7073",
        autoLogin: "false"


I have changed to 7073.


When opening https://djcfwf3j:7073/ I am prompted to accept the certificate. After accepting the cert it says





Powered by Jetty://


which is fine, because there is the same message at http://djcfwf3j:7070/ , however plain http works perfectly.


Has anyone got https work?

If yes, did you have a valid certificate signed by a CA? I can not obtain that one for my domain since I am currently using an internal domain which is not visible to outside and not registered with whois, etc.