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Connection to Astersik manager not re-established after asterisk reboot

Question asked by trumpetinc on Sep 26, 2008

We reboot our Asterisk server nightly just to keep things moving smoothly.  When this happens, we find that the connection between Asterisk-IM and the Asterisk Manager interface is never re-established by Asterisk-IM.


Log files don't have any indication of problems (I'd kind of think that when the socket connection drops out that Asterisk-IM would know about it and would log that it happened - but that isn't occuring).


Any ideas?  I suppose I could write a script to stop and restart OF every night, but that seems like a huge amount of overkill when the plugin really should be detecting the dropped connection and re-establishing the connection when the Asterisk server comes back up.


Has anyone else run into this?