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Sparkweb fails to login after Openfire 3.6a update

Question asked by Harleyquin on Sep 26, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2008 by Oxymoron

Hi all,


We've been using sparkweb very sucessfully for the past several months and the since updating the Openfire server it now fails to work. You login, it looks like its going to launch the app (screen changes breifly) then dumps you back to the logon prompt.


Rolled back to 3.5.2 and the Sparkweb works no problem.


Tried this on a fresh install of 3.6a - again logon fails

Tired on fresh install of 3.5.2 - works perfectly, upgrade to 3.6a and again it dumps you back to logon after authentication.


Has anybody else had this issue? If so is it common? is there a solution or is it just a matter of roll Openfire back to 3.5.2 to things stable?