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putting sparkweb in an iframe

Question asked by tech447 on Sep 23, 2008
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Hello all,


I have put sparkweb in an iframe and all seems to work well, except for one little thing.  I cannot logout.  I hit the logout button and nothing happens.  It just sits there.  Anyone have any ideas?




Using sparkweb in an iframe is important to me as I am basically using iframe to wrap sparkweb so it can be included on the main page of a Moodle course.  Someone developed a Moodle Block to work with openfire, but it is overly complicated and I just want to have sparkweb available to my teachers so this is a easy way to do that.  The Iframe is actually pulling the sparkweb client from a non-web accessable folder on my server using Moodle's own internal php calls so I can keep sparkweb private and only accessable to those Moodle users that I want to access it.


Any help regarding the logout issue in an iframe would be appreciated.  Thanks