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Trouble with xhtml extension...

Question asked by mrmaple on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by mikeycmccarthy

How do I use the xhtml extension?


I think it's broken.


So far, I make sure I register the extension on init:



Then when I send a message, I set both the message body and htmlBody


I see in the debug output that the right information is there:


<message id="m_55" to="" type="chat"><body>I think not!
</body><html xmlns=""><font family="HappyCustomer" color="#3333" size="12">I think not!
</font></html><x xmlns="jabber:x:event"><composing /></x></message>


But in my incoming message, I see the XHTML extension, but the body is always empty!


What would make it interpret the contents, but never in a way that's other than empty?