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Needed help in Sparkweb

Question asked by sunnybhatheja on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2008 by veejaymee

hello all,

               I am using openfire 3.5.1-1. I installed the spark web . When i try to login in to Sparkweb from my Local LAN than i am able to login but when i try to login out side from my LAN means WAN then i am not able to login . After some time i found that is was issue of port blocking through firewall. But which port? i don`t know. After that i allow 5222 and 7070 port from my firewall for outside network to my network but still i am not able to login. After that i allow that remote ip in my firewall for all tcp and udp ports than i am able to login from outside world. So please suggest me that  which port i should open in my firewall so that my spark web will work fine for my outside users.


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Thanks in advance