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Firefox is crashing when doing Reply or Edit

Question asked by wroot Champion on Aug 27, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2009 by wroot

I havent seen Firefox crashing for a very long time. And not a once with 3.x version. Today it has crashed for me at work. But i thought it was because antivirus was scanning and PC was low on resources. But now it happened at home and i see that i was doing the same thing. I was trying to start posting a reply here, and i saw RTE started to load and then browser crashed. As i'm posting this message, you can see that this isnt happening all the time. I was trying to post my first message today at work. And the same at home, it was my first message here today on that PC. Maybe there was an update of CS and the browser was loading something new and somehow made the browser to crash.