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A few questions/issues

Question asked by wroot Champion on Aug 24, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2008 by DavidSmith

I have tried to deploy SparkWeb at my production environment. Just for a test.


We have IIS running on Windows Server 2003 (intranet, share, antivirus server, dhcp). And Openfire is on a separate box with linux on the same LAN network. Connection between those servers should be fast and also server-client connections. I have put SparkWebS 0.9.0 in first server's intranet wwwroot folder. So i have few questions.


1) How long does a roster load for you in SparkWeb? With ~200 contacts it takes very long, 20-30 secs. Is it normal?


2) This is a question for Armando rather. Is there going to be an option to show offline users in their groups?


3) Unicode issue i think. But strange, it shows square only for one special symbol of lithuanian alphabet. Z with a crown. (last in first bolded alphabet).


4) Is this a known incompatibility with IE7? It didnt work for us. Firefox works fine.


5) Could be an add-on issue, but my collegue doesnt get new message notifications (tab name change) in Firefox. Maybe someone knows which add-on or option could cause that?


6) Auto login isnt working for us in Firefox, it shows SparkWeb background. I have waited more than 20-30 secs and nothing happened.