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Red5 webphone doesn't send any SIP packets

Question asked by guillaume on Aug 1, 2008
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I am currently testing the Red5 webphone. Thanks to the documents on this forum (specially the DOC-1520), I could install Wildfire with a running Red5 plugin (v 0.27) on my Debian box. I could use some of the red5 example applets, all fine.


My problem is now that the Red5 webphone doesn't send any SIP packets (no REGISTER, no nothing).


In the RED5Phone (New User Interface), I have set the following info :

Username : my_user_name

Password : my_password

Mailbox : none

SIP realm : my_SIP_provider_realm

SIP server : my_SIP_provider_IP

RED5 URL : rtmp:/sip


I have a message "connection success" (and indeed, grepping the network traffic, I can see my web browser and my red5 server talking).

Nevertheless, the Red5 plugin doesn't send anything to my my_SIP_provider_IP (public IP address). For info, I have an asterisk server running on the Debian box as well, connected in SIP to the same SIP provider.


Does anyone would have an idea what the problem could be ?


(Later I would like to install the standalone server but, one step after the other )


Thanks !