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CS 2.5b1 - new vs. read discussions/documents

Question asked by LG Champion on Jul 25, 2008
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on page all links to discussions are still bold (even when read) while on page dfire)_support?view=discussions all links use a normal font.

Is this the desired behaviour or can one tune this to display new or modified discussions bold and the others with a normal font?




PS: I did click on the tags bug_report and clearspace and my brwoser did insert "[DocumentBodyStart:9db9d3aa-9f10-47dd-878e-db2ca0d2129f]  [DocumentBodyStart:18d30ee5-5402-4785-bd43-5fbc4ffb18cf]" in the tags field. This did look a little bit weird. I did replace the text with "bug_report clearspace" there and did then click on "bug", so it is hopefully converted to something useful. Using Firefox 2.0.x


PPS: This thread is a question and should encourage you to answer for points and help me to track answers (;


Edited: The broken link may be another problem.