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Red5 standalone sip

Question asked by flamme on Jul 18, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2008 by szocske


Hi ,



I've set up a Red5 standalone server to test the sip phone. Install was fine, but when i've tried to test, the phone succeded with every IP to register whith (for the sip server).



2 accounts were created, an xlite with one account and the flashphone with the second one. each account is without any password.



I can call from the flashphone to the xlite, but i can't call back. I've got an error not found when i try to call.



When looking at the log of the asterisk server, I can see the registration of the xlite softphone, but the flashphone never. When i call from the flashphone, there is a log, the account is correct



I can't have access to the asterisk configuration (sorry it's for my intern, so i don't have access to everything) so i don't know how it was set up.



Oh other information : red5 and xlite are installed on my computer (xp) and connecting to a distant sip server (dedicated for tests)



If you need any other information (log or anything else) i'll post it



thank you