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Video Conversation using Flex Builder 3 and red5

Question asked by nellehs on Jul 17, 2008
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Hi,we are students doing a major project on a touch screen device which can implement conference with another user(within the school). We had not been touch in these area and are confuse on the use of the red5 server and flex.



Here are the doubts:


1.We would like what are the requirements and software which are needed to build it. For example do we just need the red5 server and flex builder 3 to build it or do we need more software such as Java, Elicpse.



2. Next, how do you create a softphone in flex? Do we need to download any softphone to implement in Flex? If yes, how do you do it?



3. Lastly, there is a article that you posted - Flash-based Audio in Openfire part II. Where do I download the source code from the plugin? I do not know where is the plugin.



I would really feel honour if you can reply me. Thank you so much!