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Fastpath webchat translations

Question asked by Rejaine on Jun 6, 2008





I need to do some translations on webchat to my language



From the webadmin interface i can modify some texts and put them in my

language, but a lot of text is left in english.



So for example the

queue waiting time is in english, or if i access through spark to the

fastpath queue as a customer i get a prompt asking everything in



Also there's no i18n subdir so i've got no way to translate without recompiling (something i prefer not to do..)



So, I tried to 'force' a translation doing this:



- First, I unninstall webchat plugin (from OpenMeetings webadmin interface) and stop Openfire...



- Unpack  webchat.war ( jar xvf  webchat.war ) to a temp folder.



- Make all changes (made all translations I need on *.jsp files) 



- Zip webcha.war again (jar cvd webchat.war . )



- Start Openfire and open  webadmin interface



- Upload the my  (modified) webchat.war



After steps above, all texts on  /opt/openfire/plugins/webchat/*.jps are translated to my language..  But when I open http://myserver:9090/webchat , I see all messagens in english !!



What is wrong? Any ideas??