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Couple of questions about Red5 with Spark 2.5.8

Question asked by Paddy on Jun 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by Dele Olajide





Despite reading a lot of threads in this forum I still can't get Red5 running on Openfire / Spark without errors. 



What I have done so far:

- Installed the latest version of the Red5 plugin for Openfire (version 0.20) that I could find.

- Copied the latest red5-plugin.jar  file (version 0.0.6?) to the spark  plugin folder (Windows XP, used %APPDATA%\Spark\Plugin).

- Enabled the http_bind in Openfire to 7070 (and changed it to 8080 later).



There are some things I don't fully understand. I'd appreciate it if someone can help me out.


  • In another thread  Dele writes: " Enable http-bind in
         Openfire to either port 8080 or 7070. Red5 plugin will check property
         "httpbind.port.plain" and use whatever value is set
    ". But for some reason the Red5 plugin in Spark tried to connect at port 8080 instead of 7070 which was binded at that time? Does this mean the plugin doesn't correctly read the property "httpbind.port.plain" or could it be something else?

  • What is the file being used for? I edited the file with the hope that I could force the plugin to use port 7070, but nothing happened. Then I read in this topic ( that Amarx customized the plugin to use the file in the Spark folder. I tried to get the plugin to work at port 7070 by placing the file in the Spark folder but didn't see any effect. I'm not sure if the plugin uses the file at all?

  • Is the latest version number of the Red5 plugin for Spark 0.0.6 or
         is there a newer version? If so, where can I find it? I could only find
         information about the Red5 plugin for Openfire. Possibly the newest
         Openfire plugin also has the latest plugin for Spark, but can someone
         confirm this?

  • When I used the plugin in Spark, I noticed that it was still trying to
         connect at port 8080, despite of the port 7070 that I bound in Openfire.
         At the end I got Red5 working after changing the http_bind in Openfire
         to 8080. But this seemed to give me unwanted side effects, like not
         being able to use the contact search (i got a message the service was
         not available) and users where shown as offline instead of online (which they were). Is there anyone else who experienced this?



I hope someone is willing to answer these questions.

Thanks in advance!