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Which JRE version does Red5 use?

Question asked by Paddy on Jun 2, 2008
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We are planning to test Openfire / Spark with the Red5 plugin in a pilot with 500 users. We run the pilot in our productive domain. The Red5 installation instructions mention that JRE 1.6 must be installed. However, all Windows clients in our domain use JRE 1.5x and it's not possible to update those workstations to JRE 1.6 yet.



The Spark version that we use is the MSI with JRE 1.6 embedded. Spark seems to use this JRE 1.6 version, but I'm not sure if Red5 will use the 1.6 version as well.  Is it possible to force Red5 to use the JRE 1.6 that comes with Spark and to ignore the 1.5 version that's also installed? If so, what JRE version is used when the Red5 plugin opens the default browser?