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Playstation 3 Network & Spark

Question asked by mdreeling on May 27, 2008
Latest reply on May 29, 2008 by Ryan Graham

For all the Spark/PS3 Users........



PS3 reportedly uses the jabber protocal as its core for buddy communication...



Does anyone know what is the IP or DNS name of the PSN Jabber server? (i know it runs on 5223)



It would be great if it was possible to connect to this service via Spark, i am a registered user, and can connect from my PS3

but i wonder could we connect via Spark and see our buddies online from work?

My router does not log the ip's of outgoing TCP connections, so i can't tell. 




Anyone out there know if it would be possible to do this, or if PSN uses some custom Jabber server which we could never connect to....




Or if  there would be additional development work required in the Spark client?