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Red5, SIP Phone, Sparkweb

Question asked by gaudi_br on May 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2009 by gouriprasad


I would like to thank and congratulate dele for this contribution.



I've installed an asterisk system in my company and later on I added the openfire server, which opened some doors to missing functions we were expecting from our service. The goal here was to have a single application which would like just as skype, centralizing file transfers, chat, conferences and phone calls. Sometimes, however, our employees are in mission at companies whose networks block much of the traffic and that's where I think red5 would come in handy.



The idea is that we could connect to our jabber accounts through a web browser and have access to the company's phone line thanks to the sparkweb integration, all in a unified and good looking window. I guess many other people expect this same behaviour. The thing is, I can't get it to work so far.



1- when I access the red5 test page and fill in with my proxy settings, I can register to my SIP account and even make a call (internal and externally), but dtmf does not work, so it's kinda useless for voicemail retrieval or other things that require dialing some keys. The main problem, however, is that once I go to the sparkweb page (either by changing the url or by following the link) and login to my account, I get along with my contact list a window which states "SIP Phone Error - 401 Unauthorized". I also noted that my sip peers status on asterisk is Unreachable rather than ok and once I quit the browser, it is still the same for long after.



2 - When I enter sparkweb, why should I fill in the server information?? It looks a bit obvious to me that if we reach that url, the jabber server we're looking for is pretty obvious. My complaint is rather that I find it confusing the fact the it does not accept localhost as a value and I always need to enter my server's IP address.



3 - The flash application which is running on my browser window communicates with my jabber server through which ports? I wish all communication would go through standard http, even voice... is it possible? Where could I get some details about the connections' architecture??



4 - Am I doing something wrong or the button "exit sparkweb" does not work?



Thanks for your help and attention, please keep up this good work.