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Asterisk-IM only work with Spark?

Question asked by edisoninfo on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on May 6, 2008 by sfb


Maybe I'm totally missing it here, but what does Asterisk-IM do? or better yet, does it only work with "Spark"??? I use Trillion for all my IM, and have successfully installed OpenFire on my Asterisk box. I have the IM gateway working I think. At least when I configure Trillion to connect via jabber to the OpenFire box, all of my MSN, AOL, and Yahoo buddies show up. I think I have the Asterisk-IM module configured corrrectly since all the little dots are green in each screen. But, when a call comes into my phone, nothing happens. I mean, isn't Trillion supposed to pop-up a window or something with the incoming caller ID ?



What am I missing here?