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URL Not Found. URL: assets/css/SparkWebSkin.swf

Question asked by jeffreyvsmith on May 1, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2008 by sixthring


Using firefox and flash player 9,0,45,0. when I go to sparkweb.html I get a popup error first:



Error: Unable to load style(Error #2035: URL Not Found. URL: assets/css/SparkWebSkin.swf): assets/css/SparkWebSkin.swf.

    at MethodInfo-791()

    at on()


    at ::ModuleInfoProxy/::moduleEventHandler()

    at on()


    at ::ModuleInfo/errorHandler()



I can dismiss and sparkweb works fine, but wondered if anyone else sees this error? I do not get it in IE7.