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few problems running SparkWeb (OF 3.5.1)

Question asked by hbr on Apr 30, 2008
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I've downloaded SparkWeb from here :,



I've tried running it as a standalone SWF and as embedded in a web page and in both cases I had problems.



1. As a standalone SWF: when I try to login, sometimes it logs me in directly with no problem and somtimes it rejects me saying "Not Authorized". I've tried looking around the forum for some explanation to this, I didn't find anything that corresponds to my problem (I am not using SSL btw, mostt of the people had problems with it).



2. Embedded in a html page : I get a weird javascript error while I have no Js code in my page. "Error on line 48", "Object Required". My index.htm file is attached to the post, you can check it. This error happens on IE7 and not FF ...



When I tried adding js code as explained here, , it didn't work and kept displaying that error I talked about previously.



Well i'm kind of confused because I have absolutely no clues, I am not a flash/flex developer, neither a jsp one, so I can't check out the core code to debug it.



Auto logging users in my case is more than important since I'll add Sparkweb in a dating website where users are already logged ... I'll have to manage chat requests via PHP and that's another story I'll talk about it later, along with some questions regarding Sparkweb interface customization.



Any idea ?