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SparkWeb no longer a web-based client?

Question asked by allie on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2008 by Gaston Dombiak


I just d/led the release David provided of SparkWeb 0.9.  I've not used it in ages (and not since it was re-done in Flash/Flex/AIR/whatever it is), but am I correct that the application no longer uses HTTP binding, but is either a standalone application OR embedded in a web page, much like a Java applet?  I loaded up the newly released version and connected to my server, but couldn't tell if it was using the usual XMPP stuff (port 5222 and all) or if it was in fact using HTTP binding.  So I pulled out my trust ol' tcpdump and it seemed to be communicating on port 5222.



If I'm correct in my assumption, does this mean that SparkWeb hasn't been (and won't be) a web-based client anymore, but rather just a replacement for the aging Spark?  I saw something to the effect of the latter in another forum post a while back.