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SIP IMs using Openfire for Asterisk extensions

Question asked by Ra on Apr 27, 2008


Hi All,



I am sure its a very basic question but I'm trying to implement SIP IMs using OpenFire for my SIP Endpoints registered to Asterisk server. I have downloaded Asterisk IM and when I login to OpenFire Admin page I see Asterisk IM tab.



I have configured "Server" setting in Asterisk IM tab and the manager logs into Asterisk when asterisk restart.



I have also created (rather copied a dial plan) for my extension:



exten => 901,1,Set(jid=

exten => 901,2,Set(JABBER_ACK_MSG=you are being called by $.)

exten => 901,3,JabberReceive($,$)

exten => 901,4,agi(speak.tcl,$) exten => 901,5,Set(JABBER_ACK_MSG="$" read. please go ahead.)

exten => 901,6,Goto(3)

exten => 901,7,Hangup 



which I believe should send an IM to extension 901 with incoming caller's ID.






But when I place a call for Asterisk, I get warning message saying:



WARNING[5102]: pbx.c:1832 pbx_extension_helper: No application 'JabberReceive' for extension (internal, 902, 3)






I have tried to do google search and search on this website, but could not get much information. I believe I am missing out something very stupid but not able to solve it. Just had few questions:



1. Is JabberRecieve a OpenFire application??? If not then what's the equivelen command??? 



2.  Is there a installation document or manual that guides new users through installation process???






Thanks in advance.