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Spark Build Errors

Question asked by wlennon on Apr 27, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2008 by evil


I am following the Spark/Eclipse/Subversive setup guide, and I am hitting errors trying to build Spark.  I am using the latest tag source, spark_2_5_8.



When building the release task, I get an error trying to delete a file (the actual file various every time I rebuild).  This is strange since I can build clean just fine and delete the exact same file.  Below is a snippet of the log.  Note that some files delete fine, and I am admin on my box (Windows XP).



Source File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar



Dest. File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar.pack



Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar



Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack



Building: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack



Packing with Pack200



Source File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar



Dest. File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack



Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar






C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:276: The following error occurred while executing this line:



C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:286: Unable to delete file C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar




Also, when I try to build the development task or the javadocs, it fails with this error:







Generating Javadoc



Javadoc execution









C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:325: Javadoc failed: Cannot run program "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.06\bin\javadoc.exe": CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect




Note that I can execute that exact cmdline argument just fine from a console window.



About the only thing that builds correctly is "clean"