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yahoo invites

Question asked by randypuro.c5 on Apr 23, 2008
Latest reply on May 21, 2008 by jadestorm


We're having problems transmitting yahoo subscription invites across the gateway.



For instance, adding a yahoo user (using spark) never propagates an invitation to the yahoo user's client. Similarly, if the yahoo user invites the openfire user's yahoo registration, the invite doesn't show up in spark until you logout and log back in (I believe something in the roster synchronization process may be surfacing the invitation).



The debug log shows the following two lines which I believe are a result of the yahoo user sending the invitation to the openfire user's yahoo registration:


<span class="date">2008.04.22 19:51:16 Magic:YMSG Version:12 Length:33 Service:Y7_AUTHORIZATION Status:3 SessionId:0x6587bbbe  http://randy.aardvark<span class="date">2008.04.22 19:51:16

               Don't know how to handle service type 'Y7_AUTHORIZATION'. The original

               packet was: Magic:YMSG Version:12 Length:33 Service:Y7_AUTHORIZATION

               Status:3 SessionId:0x6587bbbe http://randy.aardvark


Any experience or ideas on what may be going on? Thanks in advance.