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Username with blank space and Active Directory LDAP authentication

Question asked by Ziki on Apr 16, 2008
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I've an Openfire with Asterisk-IM running with Active Directory LDAP authentication. Some of our users have a blank space in their username, when It's the case, Asterisk-IM does not seems to work. When a user with no blank space in his username makes a call, his status change correctly. If I change the username (in active directory) and put a blank space, change the phone mapping, It's not working anymore.





According to the log file, Asterisk-IM seems however to detect the call in both cases:




2008.04.16 21:52:36 Adding channel SIP/210-b6e06710(1208375412.158)

2008.04.16 21:52:36 OnPhoneTask called for user PhoneUser{id=33, username='cyrille'}

2008.04.16 21:52:37 Adding channel mISDN/0-u125(1208375412.159)

2008.04.16 21:52:37 OnPhoneTask: Could not find device/jid mapping for device mISDN/0 returning

2008.04.16 21:52:37 SIP/210-b6e06710 dialed mISDN/0-u125

2008.04.16 21:52:40 Removing channel mISDN/0-u125 due to hangup (NORMAL)

2008.04.16 21:52:40 Removing channel SIP/210-b6e06710 due to hangup (NOTDEFINED)








2008.04.16 21:55:54 Adding channel SIP/210-b6e07ca0(1208375610.160)

2008.04.16 21:55:54 OnPhoneTask called for user PhoneUser{id=35, username='cyrille test'}

2008.04.16 21:55:54 no sessions

2008.04.16 21:55:54 Adding channel mISDN/0-u128(1208375610.161)

2008.04.16 21:55:54 OnPhoneTask: Could not find device/jid mapping for device mISDN/0 returning

2008.04.16 21:55:54 SIP/210-b6e07ca0 dialed mISDN/0-u128

2008.04.16 21:55:59 Linking channels SIP/210-b6e07ca0 and mISDN/0-u128

2008.04.16 21:56:01 Removing channel mISDN/0-u128 due to hangup (NORMAL)

2008.04.16 21:56:01 Removing channel SIP/210-b6e07ca0 due to hangup (NORMAL)




I don't know what "no sessions" means in the log file but If it means that no client is connected with this username, It's wrong.




Is there a way to fix it or is it a bug?




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