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A problem with Spark on OS Federo

Question asked by wuhao_military on Apr 4, 2008


I am using the latest Openfire (3.4.5) and Smack API (3.0.4). I have a LAN. I have install a Openfire on a computer with XP, and using Smack API on computer



with Federo. But when i try to transfer a file from one computer to another, a problem occured. I didn't transfer a file successfully because negotiation is error.



I want to know whether using server and client on the different OS.



And I have another problem when I install a Spark on Federo . I unzip the spark_2_5_8.tar.gz and then run the shell file Spark ,but a the program will find the



/lib/windows and the install failed.



Excuse me, my English is very pool and thank you very much to answer my questions