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how to add more presence statuses into spark-asterisk-im

Question asked by akrall on Mar 25, 2008
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Guys, is there a way to add more presence statuses into asterisk-im + spark?



right now it works great when a user is on a call so spark shows the phone icon, etc.



but say, I want to be able to show if a user dials *21 to forward calls to voicemail, then spark can show the user as been out of the office or something... is this possible?



the idea would be to listen to custom message thruthe asterisk manager (which can be triggerd by userevents) and then change the user status in spark to somethig (i dont know if spark send the status to the server or if the server could push a status change to spark).... I guess the server can push changes to spark or else how would spark know a user is on the phone... so how can we take advantage of this?




any ideas?