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openfire 3.4.5 red5 v0.13 jwchat zip

Question asked by Bruce00 on Feb 23, 2008


Hello all I have got the openfire 3.4.5 red5 v 0.13 and the jwchat zip workingFirst some help for other's wh are installing the jwchat if you are use the jwchat from the zip in the htdocs fil rename all your files and remove the .html and .js from the files.Next6 some help please with labeling these  



jwchat languages  (index.html.en)( )(



The chatroom search works on servers that are not openfire but dos not seem to work on the openfire servers anyone who mite have some info on how to fix this please let me no.






if you would like to test drive the latest red5 jwchat you are all welcome to register gest name = username_g