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    Clustering setup


      Hi guys,



      I was following instructions in the documents section on how to enabled clustering but im not sure if its working correctly?



      PC1 has openfire 3.4.5 enterprise installed with Server Name say pc1,



      PC2 has  openfire 3.4.5 enterprise installed with Server Name say pc2.



      Both servers use the same mySql database, PC1 uses localhost and pc2 the IP address of PC1 and both connect correctly.



      I enable clustering on both nodes and they see each other on the clustering overview page, also creating users and logging them in allows the users sessions to be viewed from PC1 and PC2 openfire install. I specify to the users that their Jabber address is pc1. Now while PC1 is running the users will log in ok and i see thier session from pc1 and pc2, if i stop pc1, the users will log out and i can no longer see pc1 in the pc2 cluster overview. Also the users can not login again untill pc1 is restarted, should they not be able to log in using the pc2 node?



      Does it matter what jabber client i use, should all clients be able to support clustering?