Attention:Dele syabel dev runing syable from apache server

Discussion created by Bruce00 on Jan 16, 2008
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Hello Dele and syabel dev I have got syabel running on my apache with openfire 3.3.3 with with the red5v0.0.9 have conformation that it works video works as well


if you would like to try it out

If link dos not work copy and past into browser addres bar register 24 hr gest username   username_g  then click the test flash messenger syabel link



I woudl use the new server but for the life of me I can seem to get my webmessenger formerly known as jwchat working but keep trying to find the why not!The reason why I am unwilling to part with jwchat its user friendly I have dun much testing on it with both windows and linux and mac and fined that it works much better than spark and pandion with the mozilla browser so for running a public server being much simpler to use is an asset and don't think it should be removed from the new plugin it is also much simpler for server admin to customize