Openfire and Asterisk Authentication + Billing

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I have stumbled across openfire and find it to be a great server package and spark being equally good. However, i might be missing the concept here slightly but this is what i need and for some reason i just can't get my head around it.



I have an Asterisk platform which works with a billing platform, users can connect to this using a username/password and then place calls through our network over SIP. Our billing platform calculates the rate of the call and sets the time limits accordingly.



Considering that each user has its own username/password to the platform is it not possible to set this information within the client? From what i can see you effectively setup multiple extensions in asterisk and then add this information on the openfire server side. Im just confused slightly, do the administrators add sip capabilites to each individual account as they register through open fire? Do we auto add the information directly into the MySQL datbase at the point of registration into asterisk?



This is what i would like to achieve.



Users open Spark and IM each other.



Users has the ability to place calls onto our VoIP network to each other or through the PSTN from which they are billed (controlled by asterisk via extensions)



Is this possible and if so, how do i setup openfire to handle this correctly without using the Asterisk Manager interface. Just simply each user supplying a username/password either the one they initially registered with or an addtional set of fields within the client to enter it.