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Blocked/Ignored Users appearing in Yahoo roster

Question asked by sphillips on Dec 28, 2007


I have noticed that if I do NOT have a user in my roster, but have added them to my blocked user list using the Yahoo client, they will appear when fetching the roster in my Jabber client.



To reproduce:



0) Create two Yahoo IM accounts with empty rosters. I'm calling them "user A" and "user B".



1) Log in as user A using the Yahoo official client



2) Log in as user B using the Yahoo official client on another machine



3) Send a message from user A to user B



4) Add user A to user B's ignore list by clicking on the "Ignore" button in the Yahoo chat window of user B



5) Log in to the gateway as user B



6) Notice that user A appears in the roster of user B even though it was never added to it at any time






I am assuming that Yahoo sends a list of "blocked" contacts and the gateway is interpreting them as roster contacts. Is this the case?