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i've successfully installed openfire 3.4.2 & jwchat cvs with jsjac svn 1.2, i've also installed red5 plugin with its own jwchat5 and managed to configure it to work on the port 80 in order to avoid using the admin port 9090 and everything works fine..


I'm quite satisfied with the jwchat cvs/jsjac 1.2 setup, i did test wildfire & jwchat almost one year ago and although jwchat doesn't seem to have evolved much, it looks more stable and some nasty problems are gone, like charset encoding, probably also because of JSJAC upgrades..

So i also tested the red5 plugin and i must say it's quite good already, some little things are missing and some are not very user friendly but the basic things are working well and show a great potential.


Unfortunately i discovered that the jwchat/jsjac versions embeded in the red5 plugin are quite old so i wanted to know if there was a way to get a diff or patch file regrouping the modifications made to that jwchat5 so i can apply them to a more recent version of jwchat/jsjac..





Finally a little word of advice for anyone who wants to use jwchat cvs / jsjac svn with openfire (3.4.2 here):


As described here and there, for jwchat you'll have to force "nonsasl" auth inside jwchat.html :

add the following line : oArg.authtype = 'nonsasl';

just before that one : con.connect(oArg);


For JSJAC SVN, read jwchat README.CVS !http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/images/emoticons/wink.gif!, make sure you don't forget to do a "make" inside jsjac svn, it'll build the single jsjac.js file, then "make" jwchat cvs.

Once you've copied the htdocs directory of your choice you'll also have to set the following var to false in jsjac.js :



I've seen that BOSH support option in openfire 3.4.2 admin, but it would not work unless i set it to fasle in jsjac..





Well that's all, i hope there's some jwchat5 diff around so i can upgrade a recent jwchat version with the red5 modifications..






Here's my patch and an updated version of jwchat/jsjac CVS.



The reason it's so big is because it contains a version for each language available as they are produced when building jwchat from CVS.

You will also find my patch that will let you patch jwchat CVS source and build it yourself, as well as a step by step install documentation that should walk you through jwchat install and red5 plugin / apache / openfire configurations.






I hope it helps.

Please report problems or questions in this thread.


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