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Trouble installing Red5

Question asked by Flapjack on Dec 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2008 by bhedrington


I'm fairly new to Openfire and XMPP in general.  I have installed the OpenFire server on my Win2k3 domain and it runs without issue.  My family has been using a mixture of Psi and Spark to chat almost daily.



I decided I'd like to add video (webcam) capability, and it seems Red5 is the best, if not the only, way to go about this.  However, I can't install it.  I've followed the instructions, which say to install to the HOME/plugins directory.  I've copied the red5.war file to the appropriate directory, but the homepage for my Openfire configuration page has not changed.  Also, there are no new items under the Plugins tab.  It's as if the Openfire server does not even see the .war file.



Maybe I'm missing something here, but I thought Red5 was a free upgrade.  Do I need to be running the "Enterprise" version of OpenFire to install a plugin which is freely available??  If so, this is not feasible for my small family.  I would rather remove Openfire from my system, and install an opensource/free server.



Please advise....