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Discussion created by tleylan on Nov 24, 2007
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Hi all:  I have OpenFire and Smack installed (with source) and I've been reading it over.  I use Eclipse as an IDE and I get 837 warnings on the code.  They are all related to generic type references.  Do you think I'm using the wrong edition of Java (EE5) or is there an updated/compatible version of the source?



I'm also very keen on using Jabber to process transactional data.  I assume (from all that I've read) that it can handle it and it sounds like it can handle it quite well.  I'm going to look around but if someone could point me to some introductory examples demonstrating how to write a non IM-related client I'd appreciate it.  When I approach new technology I typically like to get "something" working and build from there.  I've read DJ Adams book so I have a handle on the fundamentals but I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions.