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asterisk configuration problem, asterisk connection problem

Question asked by nekinpatel on Oct 11, 2007
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i have installed openfire 3.3.3 version server and trying to configure plugin of asterisk IM in it. i have added server details as below


Server Name:

Server Address:





and also added username and password correctly. see warning logs as below when i restart asterisk-im server plugin.


<span class="date">2007.10.11 16:54:12 Initializing phone plugin<span class="date">2007.10.11 16:54:12 Initializing Asterisk Manager connection<span class="date">2007.10.11 16:54:12 Connecting to<span class="date">2007.10.11 16:54:14 Closing socket.<span class="date">2007.10.11 16:54:14 Terminating reader thread: socket closed


so what is the problem in it ? is there any other setting do i need to do ?









see i have also tried using ip adderss but in both case my server is not coming as green ? why so ? what mistake i am doing in configuration ?



and i am not able to understand what this error is trying to tell me ?


<span class="hilite"><span class="date">2007.10.11 17:16:34 [ .java:66)

               ] Error connecting to asterisk server

      Unable to login


               at .java:217)





please help me for this