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Multiple simultaneous clients for the same account...  Supported?

Question asked by superlime on Sep 25, 2007
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Not sure if this is a feature request, bug report, or I'm just doing it wrong.    What I'd like to accomplish is to have my openfire server connected to the various IM transports (IM Gateway 1.1.3a), and have a client at work connected and a client at home connected.  In this scenario, I'd like all messages to be sent to both clients.  I've currently got a Spark 2.5.7 client running at home and at work, each with a different Resource name.  IM Gateway plugin 1.1.3a and Openfire 3.3.2.  The problems I'm having are:



1) The first time a client connects, it gets the full contact list.  On subsequent reconnects, it seems about 50/50 as to whether or not it'll get the contact list.  I've found that if I kill both clients, wait about 30 seconds, then reconnect with one, I'll get the full contact list.



2) It seems really hit or miss as to which client the messages go to.  Sometimes I'll get home from work after not having received any IMs, and find out all of the IMs got sent to my home client.  Again, ideally I'd like to just force both clients to receive all the messages.



Any idea what I can do about these?  Are they bugs?  Or am I just misconfiguring something? 



Thanks in advance,