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Status when IM client loads when phone call is underway

Question asked by on Sep 5, 2007





I've been very happy using OpenFire 3.3.2, Asterisk-IM 1.3.1, and Asterisk 1.4.11.   Thanks to the Ignite Realtime folks for the excellent IM server and plugins. 



On the client side, I'm using Adium 1.1.2  and an Aastra 480i CT  SIP phone.



When I have Adium already loaded and logged in on the Jabber side, my status changes as it should when I place or receive calls.   This is great.  Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to work when the phone call starts before I launch Adium.  In that case, my status remains green/Available even though I'm on the phone.



Is this a known issue?   Any suggested fixes?