IM Gateway Plugin 1.1.2 Released!

Discussion created by jadestorm Champion on Aug 28, 2007
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Hi folk!


I just built the 1.1.2 release which will be available from the main plugins page and via openfire's admin interface for updating soon.  It has a ton of fixes for AIM/ICQ contact list support (thanks notz!!) as well as a number of new "tweaks" that can be enabled/adjusted.  Another big thing is that ICQ 2003b message should be received now!  Those having issues with it, please test and let me know!  If you'd like to know more about what's changed since 1.1.1, please check out the change log!  As always, let me know what you run into!


BTW, those not running Spark 2.5.6 and having issues with groups disappearing and such, please upgrade!  There are mixed reports that Spark 2.5.6 fixed the issues and some that report that it hasn't.  I must admit that for those that it didn't fix the problems for, I am suspicious of a misbehaving installer that installed the wrong version of Spark or didn't overwrite something it should have or something along those lines.


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