Spark Web Interface

Discussion created by SubaruWRC on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2007 by Ryan Graham


Hello, I am a full-time Java developer and I am new to both Spark and Smack.  Smack appears to have a good following and a good reputation within the Java community.  And from what I have seen of Spark, the client UI is very nice as well (I am currently investigating the code in SVN).



Now, I am working on a project for our corporate intranet that is looking to add instant messenger capabilties to our internal portal via a web-based chat, communicating with our existing Jabber servers (running on OS X Server 10.4).  Are there any projects to convert or add an HTML/AJAX/Applet/Flash/etc. based interface to Spark so that it can be embedded within a portal environment?  And if not, is there any interest in starting one?  I am very interested in possibly using this product for our corporate intranet instant messaging.



Thank you.