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ParticipantStatusListener#joined(String joinedUser) problem when receive MUC invitation

Question asked by narcis on Aug 10, 2007
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The problem is that I can't detect myself joining in MUC or beeing previously within MUC#getOccupant(String userConferenceIdentifier)








After receving a inivitation to a MUC created by another user, the ParticipantStatusListener#joined(String joinedUser) method isn't fired anyway...




If the MUC is created by me, or is a public conference on the server(OpenFire), the listener method is fired properly.




When join to the public MUC or to someone MUC, I use the same method based by MUC#join(nickName) and ofcourse, MUC#create(nickName) when I create the conference...




Also I can't find myself in the MUC using getOccupant or getOccupantPresence








Can somebody show a pice of code that works for that purpose: detect if I'm joined to the MUC or joining time when I call join method for a conference made by one of my contacts?








Thanks a lot,










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