i'm getting tired of this community

Discussion created by wroot Champion on Aug 9, 2007
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Not the community (users) itself, but all the surroding stuff.. I just dont get enough feedback. So lately i dont even bother to report something if i find a bug or else. It will be burried under the tons of other reports (not answered too).



Now about migrating to Clearspace. I've had ~60 open questions, some were old, some were not important, but there were ~50% normal bug reports. And my profile says i have no discussions started . How can i find anything i need in clearspace now??



And it's slooow. Dont know why, but time to time it gets really slow. Sometimes if i find something and am willing to report it, i start this page and..it load it loads it loads. So i'm closing it and forgetting. I never have such problems with other sites.