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Discussion created by mark.crouch on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2007 by LG

Morning (well, it is here anyway ),


For about a week now, I''ve been having problems viewing the front page of the site - it starts loading and I get half of the first news item, the top banner and the openfire pane and that''s it......


I''m using Avant browser (on top of IE7 - IE7 on its'' own also fails to load the page) - and yes, it does work with Firefox and I should probably use that, but....


Has there been any change to the underlying site setup in the last week or so, or should I be talking to someone other than you guys?


I''d upload a screenshot, but it doesn''t look like I can, so you''ll just have to take my word for it


Any help/suggestions gratefully received!