Where is the tray ?

Discussion created by Ohmer on Jul 30, 2007
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I''m trying to compile my own Spark (from svn http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/spark/tags/spark_2_5_4), but when I run it into eclipse or with my own compiled jar, Spark never go to the systray.  If I "X" Spark, the window disappear but the app doesn''t exit.


I looked at the code and I didn''t find anything related the only mention to the word tray in all source code is in LoginDialog.java  :


+ private void startSpark() {

// Invoke the MainWindow.

final MainWindow mainWindow = MainWindow.getInstance();


if (tray != null) {

// Remove trayIcon





There is no "tray" word anywhere in the source code... So, where is the tray support ?