spark client permanently tries to open .tmp files

Discussion created by deafsquad on Jul 20, 2007

Hello i recently traced all Fileactivity with filemon.exe from on my client and i have seen that spark 2.5.4 permanently tries to open a temp file with a dynamic name like e4j_p2500.tmp in the windows temp folder. Is this really necessary? is opened also every few seconds but that may be indended.


I also found out that when sending images with the build in screenshot utility spark tries to open c:\programme\spark\lib\de\javasoft\plaf\synthetica\bluemoon\images\splitPaneDiv iderGripX.png

That folder does not exist.

short time after that spark loads the syntheticaBlueMoon.jar successfully.


I know this is not a big thing but it would be cleaner without it...