Cannot add new mappings after upgrade.

Discussion created by warmbowski on Jun 25, 2007
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After doing an upgrade from 3.2.2 to 3.3.1, everything works correctly with the asterisk-im plugin with the configurations/mappings that were there before the upgrade, but I cannot add new mappings. If I got through the process of adding a new mapping for an existing user in the web interface, I see nothing has been added to the list immediately after hitting the save button, even thour it say ''Operation Completed Successfully''.


Here is a message I see in the Error log when I do this.

2007.06.25 08:22:59 org.jivesoftware.phone.database.DbPhoneDAO.insert(DbPhoneDAO.java:311) Duplicate entry ''19'' for key 1

java.sql.SQLException: Duplicate entry ''19'' for key 1



For now I have been adding new mappings directly to the phoneuser and phonedevice tables. Once I do that it works fine.


It looks like the java code that generates the sql isn''t finding an unused primary key (or it''s just guessing at one) to assign to the new entry and instead of trying an unused number, it just errors out. My questions are: How does the java code for inserting new mappings iterate through the existing mappings to add an unused number? Will it eventually find an unused one and start accepting new mappings?





Upgraded from:

Wildfire 3.2.2

Asterisk IM 1.2.2

CentOS 4.4




Wildfire 3.2.4



Openfire 3.3.1

Asterisk IM 1.3.0-Beta


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